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Acura CMBS

Collision Mitigation Braking system

Let’s imagine a situation. You’re driving along and have been for a few hours, maybe you’re tired from work, and this stretch of road is looking like a great place for a daydream. That’s when traffic ahead of you suddenly stops and you are swiftly headed for a rear-end collision.


Can you stop in time? If you can’t, how bad a collision is it going to be?


Well, if you have Acura’s incredible Collision Mitigation Braking System under your feet, then the answers are “probably” and “much less than it could have been” respectively. This technology constantly monitors the road ahead for a potential collision, either with the car ahead of you or a pedestrian, and takes action to either avoid the collision altogether or mitigate its worst effects.


acura Collision Mitigation Breaking system


In more specific terms the system works in three stages:


  1. If a potential collision is detected by the CMBS it will issue an audible and visual warning to you as the driver.
  2. If no action is taken and the distance is shortened, the CMBS will continue to warn you and begin lightly applying the brakes in an ongoing effort to notify the driver.
  3. If there is still no response from the driver and a collision is imminent then the alerts continue but the brakes are fully applied to help the driver mitigate the worst effects of the crash. Additionally, in some models, the seatbelt e-pretensioners are engaged to provider further damage control.


While these stages are presented in sequential order, it is important to understand that they are activated according to the distance between you and the vehicle or pedestrian ahead, so it is not impossible, say, if someone cuts you off, for the system to kick in at stage two or even three. As well, there are a host of available settings including how much distance before the system kicks in and the option to simply turn the system off.



How to Adjust CMBS Settings

It’s super easy to adjust CMBS settings to just the way you like.

  • Press the SETTINGS button when your vehicle is in Park.
  • Choose the Vehicle Settings option.
  • Select Forward Collision Warning Distance from the menu.
  • Choose between three settings: Long, Normal, and Short. Normal is the default.
  • Select BACK to exit the menu screen.
  • Alternatively, you can turn off your Acura’s CMBS system by pressing and holding the CMBS OFF button to the left of the steering wheel until it beeps.

The Collision Mitigation Braking System is just one more way that Acura is doing more to keep you safe on the road ahead!


How to use Acura's Collision Mitigation Braking System



Available on Select Models

Acura ILX
ILX 2016 & UP


Acura TLX Elite
TLX 2015-2017: Elite Only


Acura TLX
TLX 2018 & UP


Acura RDX
RDX 2016 & UP


Acura MDX
MDX 2014 & UP


Acura RLX
RLX 2014 & UP


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