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Customer Reviews

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Recently I leased a car at the Lougheed Acura. Chris Choi (sales executive) helped me out of hundreds of decision with proper explanations. He was very knowledgeable and patient, so I could get all the answers that I wanted to know. Also the process of contract was done very smoothly by exprienced professionals(esp Basil). Very impressive!

Hyeon Seok An

a week ago

Went to switch from my old empty version of Kia Sedona to Fully Stuffed one Sedona SXL. Chris was really helpful and knowledgeable, his advice and consultation was thorough and comprehensive. Basil was patient enough to go through every item of the contract. I had all my questions answered promptly. I will recommend this dealership to everyone who wants unrushed friendly service with positive attitude. All you expect from professional customer service is here. As for now, sorry guys, I gotta go enjoy my beauty! 5 Stars!

ic9139176664 .

a month ago

Michelle from the service department is by far the best service advisor I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with in my life from any dealership. If I could give 10 stars I would. From moment I called she gave me the best service I have ever had from any company. Acura is lucky to have such a great employee.

chris gardiner

a month ago

I recently just bought an Acura RDX from here. I was in need of a vehicle fast as my other vehicle was on its last wheels. Thank you to Robert who was very friendly and very helpful in getting me a great deal and getting me what I wanted. Thank you to Basil for finding me the best deal on financing. I would highly recommend to everyone to buy their next vehicle from them. They made my experience of buying my first car painless and completely worth it!!!

Debbie Horii

3 months ago

My fifth Acura, all from this dealership starting with an Integra. Now the proud owner of a TLX. I chose Acura originally because Guy Kawasaki (“The Macintosh Way”) wrote that Acura offered the driving experience of a BMW at much less cost. That bang for the buck has actually increased over the 17 years. I took my new Acura over to show my friend, a car guy. Some time back, he had given me a ride in his BMW V12. Amazing car - but he had to sell it because it spent all the time in the shop. He liked my TLX. The Lougheed Acura dealership is superb. I have come to know them over the years and feel at home. They do excellent work and give advice I listen to. I have always felt good after service. (Think about that for a minute. Do you feel good after you pay your bill?) Finally, it comes down to people. People who make great cars and build an organization to sell and support them. People who want to build ongoing relationships with customers. Typified by my relationship with Tony Pakniyat, our salesman. We have a relationship that works like this: Hi Tony ... How’s the family ... How’s business ... What’s new ... (cars, of course) Do you have that kind of relationship with your car company, your dealership and your sales rep? Why not? Maybe you should talk to Tony.

Jim Gorton

2 years ago

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